The Cypress Visitors Guide

Maybe visiting a new church excites you. More likely, it makes you nervous. Wherever you are on that spectrum, this guide is here to help you know what to expect so your visit is easy as possible (we know visiting churches can feel a bit awkward sometimes).

We meet at the Evanston Center

2122 S. Lafayette St., Denver, CO 80210

You can bike, walk, or drive to get there, and there is plenty of street parking or a few spots in a lot in the alley between Lafayette and Humboldt (accessible off of Evans).

Laid Back Atmosphere

Expect a Laid-back, Relationally-Based Atmosphere

We see Sundays as great opportunities to invest in relationships with one another & God, and we take that seriously. Practically, think less “rock concert” & more “open-mic-night” with friends and family. If you’d like to get to know a few people before the gathering, come for good coffee at 10:00a before the 10:15a worship gathering.

Good Coffee for Churches

Worship @ 10:15a. Coffee @ 10:00a. Prayer at 9:30a.

In other words, if you’re an introvert, 10:15a is a great time to arrive. But if strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, come at 10.

Where does the delicious coffee come from, you ask? Purple Door Roasters here in Denver, and it’s brewed in a Chemex.

We’ve got your kids covered

Cypress Kids is our Fun, Safe, Clean childcare from newborns to 4-year-olds so that mom & dad can get a break and have some adult conversation. All of our volunteers have background checks and we have robust policies in place to ensure you can rest easy. Download our policies or email Cathy Rush to learn more.

Are your kids 5 or older? For now all of our older kids are in the main gathering with their families. You can learn more in this document: Why We Keep Kids in the Gathering.

Talk at a Church Community in Denver

Expect music, time for prayer and reflection, and a talk from the Bible.

Our gatherings are really simple, and — even if you’ve never been to a church gathering — you won’t feel out of place. We’re a diverse group from multiple faith backgrounds (including “no-faith”), and we strive hard to add value to Christians and skeptics alike.

Jonah Teaching Series

Current Teaching Series: Jonah

Ever wondered what kind of God the Christian God really is? Join us for a study through Jonah as we explore an encounter with the God of the Bible.

Do you have other questions?

We have a FAQ that may answer them, but we’re always happy to talk more! Give Skylar a call at 720-965-5854, or email us and we’ll buy you a cup of coffee. Just send us a time that would work to get together!

Schedule Coffee