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How do I share my story? 3 Steps

As we approach Easter, we want to use this opportunity to digitally be a people who share how Jesus has changed our lives. We won’t have the chance to gather in one location, but we can gather digitally and share the good news of Jesus digitally.

In fact, one potential positive aspect of a terrible situation is that our evangelistic reach could be extended beyond what an Easter service alone could do.

This Easter, we as Cypress want to join thousands of Christians who will be sharing their story and God’s story online as we celebrate the resurrection together. Here are 3 simple steps you can take to do this online.

1) Write Your 15-Second Story

For the last couple of years, I (Skylar) have been sharing my story and how Jesus changed my life with a simple formula. I didn’t make this up. I’m just passing it on because it’s easy to replicate. Here’s the formula:

  • Intro: “There was a time in my life…”
  • 2 Adjectives: “when I was hopeless & insecure…”
  • Jesus: “…but I met Jesus, and received his love and forgiveness. And he changed my life.”
  • 2 Adjectives: “Now, he’s given me a growing sense of peace & a new purpose.
  • Question: “Do you have a story like that?”

Obviously this is how I do it in person when we can have some dialogue. Online, though, it’s as simple as changing the last phrase to an invitation: “If you’re open to taking 5 minutes to watch an explanation of the story that changed my life, click the link.”

Please note, this may feel like too much of a formula for you. That’s fine. For Easter, I’ll probably make mine a bit more built out. Instead of 15 seconds, I’m shooting for 30-45 seconds. It will sound something like this:

“There was a time in my life where I remember feeling hopeless, insecure and especially stressed out. It was middle school, but I was especially overwhelmed. That’s when I met Jesus, received his love and forgiveness, and he changed my life. I remember praying and asking him to help because I knew on my own I had no more solutions. When I said amen, it’s like the weight of the stress was gone immediately, and he changed the direction of my life. Stress and insecurity weren’t the drivers anymore. Instead, I had a new purpose for my life. I’d love to see you have a story like that; if you’re open to spending 5 minutes hearing the story that’s meant so much me to me, click the link below.”

Skylar’s story

2) Record yourself sharing it

This doesn’t have to be word-for-word, but video is so crucial right now. You can just do this on your phone, or on a YouTube channel, or from a computer screen. Quality of the video doesn’t have to be extreme. Your authenticity is really what matters.

A few keys:

  • Don’t read it, just speak from your heart. Reading from a script can feel weird sometimes. You can even practice if you need.
  • Keep it short. 15-30 seconds is enough, and more than a minute is probably too long.
  • Be authentic. This is your story, even though we want Jesus to be the hero.
  • Imagine your sharing with a friend when you do this. Just talk like you do.

3) Post it

We want to share these stories online to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or wherever from April 6th through the 12th.

Use the hashtag: #JesusChangedMyLife.

We didn’t make this up. We’ll be joining thousands of Christians across the country in this effort.

Include the link: http://story4.us/cypress.

This is a 5-ish minute video telling the story and worldview of the Bible. Our goal is to connect people who hear the message with this great resource. It’s a well-done, clear explanation of the gospel, and if people decide they are ready to trust Christ for their salvation, they’ll have an opportunity to do so at the end.

Then let’s pray like crazy and ask Jesus to move this Easter.

More Resources for Help

Need more help? Here’s a great resource from Reality LA on how to do this well. I’d recommend all of the tips I’ve seen here. https://realityla.com/jesuschangedmylife/