Conversation guide for engaging anxious neighbors

As we’ve been praying for our church over the last couple weeks, one question keeps coming up: “What is God doing right now?” How is He uniquely shaping us, his church? How is He creating unique opportunities to befriend and care for our neighbors in Denver?

One of my favorite poets said, “In this life many demolitions are actually renovations.” I know for a fact that God desires to do a new work in me and you and everyone we know. When God shakes things up in order to work on us, it often feels like death, but if we cooperate with the Spirit, it’s actually the narrow path to life with God. 

We’ve created a conversation guide for how to reach out to our neighbors in this time of “social distancing.” Feel free to edit and adapt, this is just our attempt to embolden you to care for your neighbors and coworkers well. 

For neighbors you haven’t met yet: 

For friends, coworkers, and neighbors whom you can contact: 

  • Give them a call, send an email or text. 
  • Ask about their practical needs. 
  • If you and your roommates / family are healthy, invite them over for dinner. 

Here’s a sample message:

Hey friend! 

I miss seeing you face to face! I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you. 

How are you doing in these crazy times? How’s your health (both physical and mental)? Do you have everything you need? How can I pray for you?

Want to come over for dinner sometime? We have plenty of food and beer. Me and Kate are healthy, not that that guarantees anything. If you don’t feel comfortable coming over, want to talk on the phone or facetime soon? 

With restaurants and churches and other gathering spaces shut down, it’s been on my mind that it’s important we do what we can to build community together. 

With love,

Ben & Kate