Cypress FAQs

People have questions for churches, and as they are asked, we try to answer them here. Feel free to ask another question and we’ll try our best to get you an answer!

What is unique about Cypress?

God has blessed us with some of the most amazing people in Denver. This relatively new church is growing largely because of the great people and the authentic friendships that are developing. We’re not perfect, but we’re real and pursuing authenticity over perfection.

What denomination or network is Cypress?

We’re a community of people from a number of different faith backgrounds, including a variety of Christian denominations. We’re officially a non-denominational church that cooperates with the Send Network.

Where is your belief statement?

We will be in the process of adopting a formal belief statement soon, but we follow the Apostle’s Creed, an ancient Christian statement of faith and affirm the BF&M 2000.

Can I get prayer for something?

Absolutely. We have teams of people praying before our Sunday gatherings at 9:30a at Cypress Community Church, 2122 S. Lafayette St., Denver, CO 80210 (The Evanston Center building). Our pastors and leaders also love to pray for specific needs. If you have a request, email

What are you doing to protect against child abuse?

Since before we were officially meeting as a church, we have had robust policies in place for how children are cared for at Cypress. This begins with all of our volunteers getting background checks and no situations being created where children are left without multiple adults at all times. For more information, you can download our childcare policies or email Catherine Rush, childcare coordinator.

Where can I learn more about Jesus?

We would love to share the message of hope that Jesus brought. We’ll buy a meal and coffee if you’ll allow us, and we’d love to hear your story. Email to set up a time.