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Mission & Vision

In the first half of the Bible, the Cypress is an image of transformation — and that’s our mission, to see lives transformed by Jesus.  We’re doing that by pursuing a vision of becoming a church in Denver that equips everyone to live a transformational life as a follower of Jesus. In other words, we’re here to add value to you on your spiritual journey — wherever you are on that journey.

What to Expect At Cypress

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We’re the home of the non-awkward church visit.

We hate visiting churches. We know at times it can be a bit awkward. We can’t promise that you’ll enjoy your time visiting Cypress, but we will promise to do our best to make it as painless as possible. We’re not perfect at this, but we like to say we’re AirBNB, not Hilton — we pursue hospitality, not customer service. That looks like some of the nicest people in Denver, a judgment-free gathering, and Rocky Mountain soda for first-time visitors.  More questions?

What to Expect on Sundays

CHURCH in Denver with vintage beliefs

We’re a vintage church.

We love innovation most of the time. Theologically, though, we’re an old school church in Denver. Our main faith confessions are the Apostles Creed and the Gospel Coalition foundation documents. While we’re an independent Denver church associated with the Send Network, we’re people from a variety of denominational and faith backgrounds. Have specific beliefs questions? We’re happy to talk in person.

Set a Coffee Meeting

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Your whole family has a place at Cypress.

For kids 4-years-old and under, we offer Cypress KIDS! Fun, safe, and all about Jesus, it’s a great time for our youngest kiddos. If you’d like more info, you can also download a copy of our childcare policy here.

Have children 5 and older? We have them stay in our gathering with their parents, but we have a gift bag with coloring sheets, organic and gluten-free snacks, and crayons.

More about Cypress Kids

Ephesians In Christ & In the City

Next Steps @ Cypress